Sometimes it does n't matter if others know the truth and they tell you about it,,,because only the truth you have to find it by yourself.


Humans are who destroy humanity and they are who build its basics. Between destroying and renovating there is much to think.


Whatever we want to be we have to spend time and effort to be that,,,but how much we pay is a value of what we want to be.


I hope these  black clouds in the sky could be only above,,in the sky. It's more gloomy if they were above us as ordeal in our life. We don't know how long they are there even if they have rain for us.


It's as difficult as to find an answer about why these two worlds have been attached and different to each other. Why they are independent and interdependent. I  think people are not poor or rich but people think different here and there. We don't lack resurser to live but we lack a mind to think as others do and to see a different view.
How to accept everybody and to give everybody a chance to be somebody and to make our world by different ways.


We bahave as if we know how to do,,but we think  about what we did and about what we should know . We should know many things through our ignorance to avoid having a guilty conscience towards every innocence we pass during our days.


If you have spent much  time to finish  one thing,,,you have to finish many other things after you have done because you have taken a serious mission which costed you time.


It's really that everything changes according to the time and the place except our feelings can't change if things or persons we love are the same. Therefore I feel how strange is the world when people or places change and I feel more sad when I have to try to find new people and all are foreigns to me. Only if my world became  foreign to me then I have to try to know foreigns to know which world leads me to better place.


Between two occasion,,, when we think we had it totally or partly ..fairly or unduly.. and neither of them make us stable. Between them we lose some time trying to balance both into satisfaction.


All this tension in a scen of film I have gone through in reality just because we all should experience it once in our life in order to make the final scen of our film.


All moments of my life,,moments of peace and war should go together to a combination of new moments that decide the peace and war of my life and determine over those who used to steal moments from us.


We don't know all those who left trace in history almost because we don't know why they did that,
but when we go through their experiences we find we had common interests though we haven't evolved ours yet.
Everyone wants to make something to make one different from others and all want to be that.


 We need to set free our thoughts either by realizing them or by saying them,,and our ability sometimes has limits but if we couldn't use words to say them we can't produce more thoughts then and we lose our balance ,,we feel depressed.


Every dearth turns into rareness in our personality if we could replace it with something that  we make ourselves.


within our conflict


To aim for something is not only to keep an eye on what you aim for but it's also to keep an eye away from what could tempt you.


To cry for someone who makes you cry should be a circulation of same motive.


It doesn't matter where you are,, but it does matter how you think. Though we may change our place trying to adopt new mind,,but the mind should adapt anywhere if principles were reliable.


It has never been late to begin to love someone you hated before and never late to let him know but not after he have left this world because  it would be under other conditions.





If we would miss something make us happy
probably it would not be what we have now
but it would be what we gave to others when we had much of it.

get use of

There are some chains that we can not break but to prove that we are stronger than them we should make something else from these chains ,,because no chains can put limit for our imagination.


Chances should not come across ways  to you,,sometimes you have to transform difficulties into chances if you see them as lack that  you should compensate.


I'm between my presence and my past....
I'm between today and yesterday....
I'm between events and accidents...
I'm among people without features...
I don't know really who gave me a smile and who gave me tears...
I don't know if life was a gift or just a burden...
And I don't see any clear view through my window at present...


Once in my past I have been so sensitive towards your sorrow and anger like if I have taken them to myself to prove that I'm not guilty. Now I have done everything to make your sorrow and anger less but I think I still need more to make these feelings less within me.

cry but nobody hear


Our destiny should not be an obstacle for our progress, it's facade of our life that we can change as long as we live by choosing another facade to the same life.

between clouds and pasture


We shouldn't lose the hope ..once when we have decided to reach a dream,,because if we tried to do that so  we did already something  worthy and to continue it is only hopeful thing.


Stress is not only our fear of expectations from ourselves,, as much as our expectations from others.


When you can't give  more strength to those around you ,,you can't give them love properly.


When we lose anything we find it the same again. Only time if we lose it we find it again a hard time because we wasted it stupidly.





If we didn't understand yet  how independent individuals  instinctively we are, we can't see what  is behind the restriction of dependency, and there would be much of our natural resources.

words ,,kalimat,,,

letter,, has been read


We may get help of others all the time, but to make a decision is always our resposibility that we are going to undertake by ourselves. And without deciding our life we are not going to make it. Thats why it's always worthy to strive in order to maintain our life through our decisions.


We don't be convinced easily but till we see the real difficulty was hidden beyond our old perceptions. Though we have to learn  to be adaptable to take risks and go on proving our capability to pass the difficulty.


We know we can't realize every dream as we can't ignore every idea,  but if we paid attention to an idea then we could realize new ideas.


Not every noisiness to provoke us is a voice we need to hear. When we  stop listening to voices  from surrounding for long, that almost means that we need to hear a new  and objective voice.


When probabilities and assumptions don't play big role that means our  feelings overwhelmed the leadership of our thoughts.


I have searched for picture that can satisfy my desires and my passion to live the life to the maximum. I found that I have seen such picture earlier in my life thought my desires which were greedy in more,,and then it hurted my soul,,even if I knew the truth later after this search and this journey.




Not to make decisions is a passive action,,to make a one and even that it doesn't satisfy  expectations is much better than the first action,  because you considered probably much and used your available possibilities before making one. We should be convinced about that when we have subject we can always make a  debate.

chemical bond with everything


People without history should be worry more about the future,,but if we have already history we should draw better conclusions in order to revive our future.


Nothing is free and to get a right understanding and an awareness is the most expensive thing.

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