my choice

You asked me about a reason for my choice for the  first time but I didn't have any motive at that time,,,because I got it since I created  a committment for my choice.


rain umbrella

doesn't apply

We can imagine a real picture about something before we get it, but when we would be in the reality we avoid to imagine more when this picture doesn't apply to our own reality.



esoteric chocolate

colours elapse

depicting about sunset


Since that I used to face my problems with hardship in the past,,so I had to change my destination in order to find an outlet for my difficulties. When I just did that my problems were still the same though they are not as difficult as in the past because I found an outlet which I couldn't have found before I have changed my destination.


Many have been here and there but not many who really know what here and there mean.


There is a thread as a dash between my aim and others'
If I can't see this dash
How can others then see where I'm really standing.


The truth is the only thing we search in our life,,but sometimes we should ignore it because we know we don't have another way though it's a precious thing we should appreciate its knowledge. Someday we have to go back to the truth to make a right decision when all don't appreciate our ignoring to the truth.


I haven't forgotten  you but the time forgot me for a while,,and I have been astonished during the time.

two ways

Great things maybe do not come through one way in our life but it should make combination of different ways . One way we have always known because we walked through and another way waited us to walk through.There is an ample melody that  comes from both of them, and it would enrich our memory.

Jade opal

prayer times

It's not always about prayer times because the necessity in our life has more doors we need to open and for more times if we paid really attention to them.

penetrate silence here!


I wish to be in this mood always when I overcome myself and I feel I'm strong enough to overcome anything else, because we must reflect our feelings inside when we deal with the outside.


distance from fate

There was yet a long distance between us and our destiny...
This distance had to be close us someday because we were approaching our destiny  each day...
Though we didn't percieve actually that there was fate ahead of us...
We were thinking we were approaching our purpose in life..but our fate had to took the shape of the aim we were pursue in life.

Pond Massachusetts

R.A. photography



I miss really these places where i used to lie...
I miss things that I used to like...
I miss my personality before it evolved...
I miss that clear mind and this impulsive spirit towards new things in life...
I miss something was clear but it's no more that.. and maybe never would become calm and relaxed...
It's busy about everything moving around it's different sides.
I long to get rid of my stress forever and ever..

City Road London

I met you there


when someone hurts us,,we lose the ability to recognize matters because we feel we are oppressed,  if we search a reason we would find some reason and this would ease our anger .As our understanding increases for things, the more our ability to overcome them increases. To overcome our anger it requires a deep understanding from us.

Babylon 2003 !


If sometimes I become angry so it would be because I haven't stood by my side when all have left me.


Colours change in our life. We see it light when we find those who love us around us, we see it dark when those are no more around us. I just hope there would remain some beauty when colours have to change, because those who we love colored our life once and their art is still immortal in this life.


How much we strive to reach stability in our life..every time we come to more  stabile situation than before though we always need more excitement  in our stability to  stimulate us to pursue more in life.


How much we think about our misery as much as we  become  more depressed,,as much as we get  more solitude.  How much we think about how to combat misery in our world ,,we become more affective and compassionate. We become more humanitarian than others.


Things happened in the past and remained stuck in our minds in spite of how much simple it was but it has affected us so deep.

desire of giving

If you have the desire to give ,,like you are living to give,,you can't just care about what you could gain in return.


deluded nature




reciprocal smile

words' intension


It's not about the years we spend on something,,it's not about how much it lasts but it's about how much we appreciate the importance of our work during these years. The main purpose for us should be to get fruitful results at anyway.

update our thoughts

It is not always what we think at the first time but what we think after a time would be the updated copy of our imagination to this world.



The best thing  of our dreams is not to be impractical but to interpret our dreams  helping us to understand reality during the day. To gain sense through a senseless situation.

back on the track


 If you got once an argument for your perspective you should hold it well because you are going to need it when everyone could speak better than you meanwhile they miss an own argument.

inevitable love

Bent Rej photography




final fears


The value of things doesn't always mean how luxury they are,,but the meaning is how to make things look luxury without grandeur.

good for you ;)


something powerful

different perspective

cryptic secret

fragrant space

downy violet

taste of life

Taste of life is like the rays of the sun,,wherever we are there can't be other rays than these we saw at first time.


There is still much to improve within us and when this process is about to be completed we could be perfect humans since we accomplished it by ourselves.


origami dragon




our challenge

It's often easy to get passion about something and work for it. The only challenge you could have is how to regain your passion if you once lost it.


Walter Lippman

"it requires wisdom to understand wisdom, the music is nothing if the audience is deaf"
Walter Lippman

if you don't try,,you will never know

abstract art


till the sky falls down

Aberdeen scotland

essence of people

I thought it was all to find out essence of people but I found they were less worth to try to do that. It turned out it was about finding out my capacities and possibilities in the new horizon.

holy passion

Our passion should be something holy for us because it's our window  upon  our strive in life. So I have to keep this love as holy as my passion about the life.

keeping a good pace


papyrus scrolls


abundant land

I was searching for something I haven't seen before,,and I thought it was unique but I found there was abundant of it.  That's why we  happen to find treasure spontaneously meanwhile we think treasure is hard to find.


kick-start the creation


If people continue to feel pity about themselves,,the more challenged they become towards their life.

live with passion

surmounting feelings


prolific beauty

tight reins


roving across horizon

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