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I wish I could,,

I wish I could go over this pain,,
go over this bit of my life
get rid of this status
but in vain I go under this times and times through my whole entire life
I just can't do disconnect coz I used to bind my self with this around me though I just had to be there not by my will...nevertheless I had to work to get this better,,but
not yet I think I can,,sometimes we can't change whole bit in our life coz it just formulate our life to be in this way
it's unchangeable simply
soo it was a wish and still,,,, not to disconnect but just to wish that this bit was not my life
to get rid of pain and have the ability to go ahead and never look back
could we just do that?
we can ignore that for a time but we cant help to forget and pretend that it was nothing just our life
To make this wish true I tried and still try not because I hate my life but to make it better I must learn to go over that,,,and not to disconnect,,but to go over that


Let me wipe the tears from your eyes,,let me be a shelter for your fear,,and think about those who give you support and strive to bring you back to the world,,
Coz you gave them once  a world,,,like loss of home and parents ,,the world would be without you,,
Why in return they try hard to obscure a beauty which belong to our world?

As it could be,,

As it could be ,I would believe and as you shone my life I would keep shining ,,like candle in need to it's fire ,,lighting it's surrounding


Love could be my destruction,,like it could be my salvation,,,
Love is something that I can't steal but I can feel,,,I can't take ,,but I can give
Love might be my end and might be my beginning
Love could be the world to me
And we can't feel it until we see it in our surrounding...
And to have the ability to distinguish the love ,,just feel it towards the one you keep loving
And I believe that he\she could feel it then
Just because the love is strongest than even destiny
My direction is set to the end where I find love,,,something to get on with,,

To love someone

To love someone who doesn't love you in the same way. Then it's just coz you think it's duty to love him/her but it's not duty for all.
And you got a perfect duty coz love is the only perfect thing in this world.

someone said

"Every moment and every event of every man's life on earth plants something in his soul"

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