How do you do?

temper the sadness,,, my friend

It was beautiful


The grand canyon




Doctrine of William Blake

Abstinence sows sand all over
The ruddy limbs & flaming hair,
But Desire Gratified
Plants fruits & beauty there

by William Blake

equal,,but not same


Why you have lost such needful feelings? It supposed to fill this space between us. But it would remain a space, to make us as opposites all time,,though we were couples.

Angelina and Brad's family

so far long


"If you go looking for a friend, you're going to find they're very scarce. If you go out to be a friend, you'll find them everywhere"

a quote

"just do what must be done,this may not be happiness, but it's greatness"
 George Bernard Show

standing alone

in a moment

In a moment, while I was looking to the whole world around me. I found that I was standing alone by my own side.

sunrise on the Machu Picchu


Like the  white snow when it doesn’t stop falling in a hard winter , our volition for quest should fall on the fields of the world in a tough aridity of the achievement.

like red on a rose


It seems that I don't care about your reaction when I give you my time thinking of you, as much as I care about myself thinking of something that  rejoice my heart with all candor.


It’s normal  thing to give to those who expect it. But to give to those whom you think you owe them something it’s unexpected.

although you can see,,it's transparent

give way

solid chains

There are solid chains, shackles that we can never cut because it is confined between two periods of time yesterday and today. They enchain our days. The only thing that we can do is to continue go on the squares of the time without leaving more chains to restrict us in the near future.



The most valuable thing is you being by my side,, you are valuable when more people  need you in their success, It shouldn't be your own success because your success is the value of what you are giving to others.

living out of the world


Sometimes we need to drown ,,,to regain consciousness again and see things clearly as never before.

release emotions




I just used to ask myself if I have been guilty, have I caused you all this pain. Almost it was someone’s mistake in the past. You must know that the best we got is each other and thats why we have to go through this together ,,to renoverate this broken  monument and begin to see its cloudy beauty clearly  again.

an outstanding memory

Aztec calendar

My sun

If you ask me about my sun ,,I would say my sun is up there in the sky and my sun is your presence in this life,,and it radiates through this life,,its rays come from your knowledge, wisdom and your generous tender.

My sun is a light that I will always look at it and admire it.



You may happen to meet angels on earth , though they are not perfect. If you got an unwilling obstacle to move once in your life's path. And it was suddenly taken off by someone who really did care, did give and everything was unpaid. In order to not put up your fervent enthusiasm towards your ambitions. They just don't leave you an argument to not endure these difficulties.

fallen... samed


I am not on the edge of your love. Probably I've always been there. Then I'm pretending to be as my own part, and unconsciously I found myself in the same old area. Again in this conflict which  about to defeat your love. But it's not completely in my area yet.


an ordeal

You don't have to insist on asking me the same question if you didn't really understand my first answer. It seemed to be an ordeal for me to give a direct frank answer, as it seemed to be a profound problem for you to understand my ordeal then.



I know where I can see such a wonderful scene. Green fields, waterfalls in a fascinating place and anything that may belong there.  It is here inside and just when it’s full of hope relating to a picture for tomorrow, for the future ahead.

This season in Sweden


fragile eternity

our journey

long journey

After many years , how long was the journey we've made?
You can see how hard it always had to be.
And we still struggle as we did before to reach a shore, there we would stop our pursuing for dreams.
Not yet , our life  should be filled of decent satisfaction to the long journey behind.

wrong anticipation

I thought!

I thought all can see that. Maybe they don't really see as I thought. But that doesn't mean I can stop behaving as I have to.

I got to see


I know that there are walls that separate yesterday from today.Nevertheless I try always to see through these walls.
The cause is that yesterday had sacrificed alot hopefully that today would trace the route. And nothing compares to the wisdom of yesterday.

I need

I need always to find a torch,,to find a way to go through, otherwise I don't have to carry on through.


"I can't vouch for the special realm you inhabit"

To go through


I get always my strength from you, you are such inspiration. You never give up coz you know that you are an inspiration for us. I can't imagine how life would be without your constant vigor towards it.
Life is such hard that I can't always go through without getting hurt, but I learned how to heal my soul by myself coz it's harder when I don't have someone to help at the moment. Thats why I can't be so far from this glare which surrounds you.

Morning's tea

Beautiful stones


Like sky without birds, and garden without children. The world might be without your love's contribute.


It's something unique, special and seldom to catch a sight of . It's like  fire inside ice without melting. It's like all power in one person's hand , giving a touch to light the darkness and all are around to be there and embrace it.

By the soul,,,

So bright,,so brave,,it would be to devote  one's self to service ones country by the soul ,,not by the occupation


I long to be there again,,to melt in this melody,,and to be with this mood,,I've drawn a painting and it is hung in the wall of memory. can I live through this painting once again,,?


I would try to keep the wonderful part of the memories of  past,,Because this is the idea of remembering our memories to make us happy at the sad moment,,,to bless our present,,,to fill it with joy and ecstasy of optimism which we need  to take a way hindrance,,and to make a way to  prosperity of the future. And good things as usually dont come by itself we should keep it,,to not lose.

who Cares?

who cares  really about 80000 person who dies on each day on earth because of the starvation?
who needs really to hear your justifying,,your story? when they got a life,,got  food,,got warmth
but all want you to act like that in the expense of your rights to live as normal as they  do,,they require a lot ,,the world requires more to get it to go around,,to outlast as it had to do. You must have this courage to do this favour to the world. To accomplish this duty. You are the weak or the strong,, choose! try to overcome all defects which had to be put in your way.

I know,,,

I know that it’s worse than it seems to be I When I missed to know other facts,,and got to know it by the time I know how difficult my situation is indeed,, But once I could obtain friends,,supporters ,,experience and all weapons I would need to fight with,,I could know then how worthy it was,,

I don't see you..

I don't see you really,,but I can feel that you are everywhere ,,,
nothing could be better than this connection I think
May be not real in reality but thats why I keep dreaming because sometimes we need to have such dreams ...when we need to follow someone,,
Ready to do anything to keep such a contact,,
It makes us believe in ourselves more when we fill this confusion in our life, with something has such  strength to control us and at once gives us a strength to eternal continuity,,,


you are suspcious about that if it is worthy or not,,
but why it should be not,,
when you have wanted to take a risk ,,
when you was yearning to just come in this risk,,
you have to be trustworthy,,,
coz it's all about how much you dreamed of it,,how much you were willing,,and the most fantastic how much love you had once towards this risk,,
so try to keep this love don't turn it into boredom,,if you didn't hate it
it would be worthy ,,,be sure about that,,, and it's due to the love you kept,,, through everything you went ,,,
through the dreams you saw it
you just were diligent to get it
it was almost a passion,,and it has to remain as a love,,try not to lose it,,,
because  everything could begin or end by it,,,would be worthy

I can see,,

All  beauty I can see in a sight ,,,,in a glimpse of picture of this feeling blended with rhythm from the silence of the nature...


All I'm trying to do is to make the life you left to me better,, not just like you wanted but to add new ways leading to more precious meaning,,
more beautiful picture
more fairly life
more peaceful surrounding
more faithful followers
more creative ways to build a shelter
for many many who are in need

jag vill säga att jag verkligen vill skriva för att känna sig lättad efteråt
kanske jag skulle kladda bara ,, men det är ändå bättre för mig än att skriva inte o säga inget,,bättre en helt o hållet tystnad,,kanske man vill dokumentera känslor på detta sätt som man dokumentera glädjen med bilder o kameror,,man dokumenterar vred o allt annat.
Om man saknar själsfrände " vän" som kan inte stå med på allt detta. En vän kmr att förstå mig ju men aldrig uppleva samma. För att var o en har sin upplevelse och verkligheten inte samma sak som inlevelse. Verkligheten är sanningen som vi kan aldrig neka annars är man idiot.
Hindret för mig är att jag inte skriver alltid på svenska elr englska jag har annan medel"språk" som har ingen plats här just nu" vill skaffa en".
Nu får alla som känner sig lättad sova gott o som gör inte det, ,byt läget på ngt sätt ;)

Old song-Abba

Chiquitita, tell me what's wrong
You are enchained by your own sorrow
In your eyes there is no hope for tomorrow
How I hate to see you like this
There is no way you can deny it
I can see that you are oh so sad, so quiet

jag kom ihåg just denna låt nu och kände att det passar stämning här idag. Fast jag klarade prov idag o måste känna gladare men stämning nu hjälper inte åt. Hoppas att det skulle gå bra för alla.

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